What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Sometimes we experience our lives as difficult, unhappy or problematic.  Counselling provides an opportunity to talk with a trained professional in a non-judgemental place where you can be heard and understood.

Counselling helps you make the best use of your strengths, and the resources around you, to manage your current difficulties.  Psychotherapy is a longer-term process of helping you change the way you deal with problems that keep cropping up in life.

No matter what your age or circumstances are, counselling and psychotherapy aims to help you with your problems in a confidential and neutral space.

We believe that we are all unique individuals and are the experts on ourselves  rather than understandable through any one theory.

We also understand that we are shaped by our past experience, including positive and less positive aspects of childhood, our culture and our personal beliefs.

Taking an holistic view, we recognise links between physical and psychological wellbeing and view behaviour, thinking and feeling as being caused by a mixture of nature and nurture.